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Brief History



Late in 1960, in Ramos Mejia city, two brothers, Mateo and Amelio Sciombra, together with Luis Engaddi, created a de facto business association that would manufacture standard steel tools and tipped carbide cutting tools.  This is how Waco, now called Argensinter, was created.

Among the first important clients were Boheler, Deca W and Zanella, which motivated the improvement of the company, allowing it to acquire the special equipment needed to satisfy the clients’ requirements.

By 1975, the company gets the business organization type “Argensinter S.R.L.”, as it is known nowadays on the market. 

Before 1978, Argensinter bought hard metal to manufacture its products, but in that year it decided to start manufacturing hard metal.  The first step was to buy an oven used to sinter, which was imported from the United States.  Specialized people were also employed in order make the first trials, which were successful.

By the middle of 1980 and by the beginning of the 1990’s,  Argensinter failed to develop as a consequence of economic crises.

Nowadays, Argensinter employs more than 35 people, specialized in the manufacture of special tools, which has allowed this company to successfully export its products to numerous clients from America, Europe and Asia. 




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